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MurphyMy name is Murphy, and I'm a 5 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and Head of Security!!!

My time is spent overseeing my office lackeys and shouting at the postman and delivery men!!!  I also like to encourage the minions to play ball with me - however this usually falls on deaf ears but they do tend to listen when it's treat time!

My schedule as Head of Security is quite punishing although I do allow Lou, my human, a short break at about 1pm because that is time for him to be dragged down the road so I can sniff at random stuff and whip things up with the local hounds.

I have known Lauries dogs, Beau and Sox for quite some time now - I tolerate them but they are simple souls and nowhere near as important as I am - I mean, they don't even have job titles do they?

All in all, it's not a bad job that I have and accommodation and food is part of the pay package so it's a win win for me.  The minions do work hard playing with their big TV screens all day long and they seem a happy pair - I don't suppose I can ask for more that that really!

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