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Cloud Hosting - In A Nutshell!

In the past, websites were hosted on a single server.

So, if something happened, for example, unplanned downtime or even planned maintenance, it meant you were left twiddling your thumbs!!

Because ALL our websites are Cloud Hosted, that's not the case, in view of the fact that the hosting service runs on numerous networked servers that move your website data across several other servers simultaneously - consequently "NO MORE DOWNTIME".

Cloud Hosting - The Cool Stuff!

It's Financially Friendly!  Basically, with Cloud Hosting, you pay for what you use!!  So, if you plan it properly, you can keep some of your hard earned cash safely stowed away!

It's Flexible!  You can increase or even reduce the services and space you need.  So, if your website has a sudden growth spurt, it's a big advantage, because Cloud Hosting can facilitate unexpected increases in visitor statistics, which, ordinarily, may have caused a site with normal or limited hosting services to result in downtime and therefore more thumb twiddling!

It's Instantly Accessible!  And that's because there isn't a setup procedure with Cloud Hosting in contrast with normal hosting services.  So, if you have backup hosting to carry out, well, the Cloud server is right there for you!

Cloud Hosting - The Other Stuff!

There are way more pro's than con's to Cloud Hosting, but, because we value our clients and want them to see the full picture it's time to throw a potential Con out there!  Because your data is being hosted on more than one server, sometimes load time can be exaggerated.  Honesty IS the best policy!

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